Welcome to the information page for students who have studied in the United States and will be submitting documentation of their studies there.

For application to bachelor's studies

High School Graduation Diploma + Official transcript of all years (9-12 or 10-12).

Your school must send your transcript

Your official transcript must be sent in a sealed envelope directly from your school to University Admissions in Sweden. The envelope may not contain any other documents than the official transcript.

R 312

Name change

In order for us to match the documents sent to your high school/university to your application, please let us know if your name has changed since then. In order to officially document your change of name, please submit an attested copy of your marriage certificate, birth certificate, or similar documentation. 

Proficiency in English

  • If you completed all four years of High School, you fulfil the English language entry requirement (the equivalent of the Swedish course English 6)

Please note: The GED examination does not fulfil the English language entry requirements, as it is only equivalent to the Swedish course English 5.

If you've studied at an international American high school

Transcripts from International High Schools operating within the American education system must include information about the accrediting organisation. If this information is not on the transcripts, it must be stated on the diploma or separate appendix.

Applying for programmes with higher requirements in certain subjects 

Bachelor's level programmes and courses in such areas as engineering, natural sciences and medicine require a higher level of completed study in one or more of the following subjects; mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. 

To meet the requirements for physics, chemistry and biology from an American high school education, you must have successfully taken Advanced Placement (AP) tests in these subjects. For mathematics, AP Calculus is required. If you have not taken AP tests in these subject but have studied them on a higher level, you must upload the curriculum from your school for us to assess and possibly give you these qualifications. Your curriculum documents must be uploaded by the deadline to complete applications.